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Feb 29 02004 4.37p

a few good items from the NY Times today:

a compelling op-ed about the gay marriage debate

an article about Finnish snow and ice sculptures.. the included slide show is stunning. In a way, nothing beats beautiful temporary art.

a ditty about the web site, and the idea of ideas as entertainment. I like.

Cello disco, anyone? You’re not going to find it on iTunes Music Store (I looked…)


Mar 5 02004 12.08p
zuza #

Hi Carl!

I am writing on behalf of Exklusiv, a Polish monthly lifestyle magazine, to
gain your permission to print some photos we have found on your site berlin.jpg. You’ve got a good eye!

For the april “playful” issue, we are preparing a fantastic article about Berlin. We are interested in using a photo from your site to illustrate the piece. We really like the following image:

Eastern Berlin from the TV Tower

We are more then willing to credit the photos as you see fit, as well as
providing your web address. Likewise, we will be sure to provide you with a
few copies of the magazine once the playful issue with your photos comes

Please let us know as soon as possible if we can use the photos, and if
there is a chance for even higher resolution images for publication

Below is some information about the magazine.

Monthly: gloss / focus on photographic content
Profile: unisex, lifestyle and entertainment
Pages: 80 +
Printrun: 45 000

Exklusiv is an inquisitive title for Poles interested in global trends of
urban living. It is directed towards active people looking to achieve good
taste and exceptional lives. Exklusiv introduces the movers and shakers of
the night and high life to readers and takes them behind the scenes. As a
magazine based on photographs, Exklusiv gives aesthetic proof for it’s
editorial choices. The Exklusiv world keeps up on global standards i
fashion, design, entertainment, interiors and cosmopolitan styles of living.

I hope to hear back from you soon. Best regards,

Zuzanna Ziomecka
Redaktor Naczelna
Aktivist & Exklusiv
tel 22-639-85-67
fax 22-639-85-69

kom 507 181 680

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