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Got a comment about the page? Many people do. I get a ton of e-mail, so I'll be blunt: you might not get a reply. I have tried to answer people's specific HTML questions in the past, but lately it has been too difficult to deal with the volume of questions. I'm always glad to hear your comments, though, and I do read each one! Just fill out and submit the form below. If you'd rather send e-mail, click here.

"Thanks for the great HTML tips. I will be back for sure."
-Chuck Brandolino

"Great page! I visit frequently to get info on HTML for my personal page."
-Charles Johnston

"Thank you for a great page, I used your guide extensively in preparing my pages for posting..."
-James Orr

"I wanted to thank you for the information you provide. I develop Web sites and I am always looking for new things to learn."
-Philip Clark

"While surfn' the Net I came across your "How Do They Do That With HTML?" page. I gotta say, I've been to many of such ilk, they now pale in comparison to yours. I want to thank you for taking the time to arrange all that information in a concise and professional manner, and then making it available to the rest of us."
-Joseph S Tormes

"Thank you so very much for a really fun experience. I love your page of "How Do They Do That?" I am a neophyte web developer and am always on the lookout for fun pages that I may learn from and yours just fit the bill. Well designed, a wealth of information, and a sense of humor, too."

"I'm new to the NET, and HTML, and found your "How do they do that with HTML?", very helpful and informative. Thanks for your time and effort."

"Thank you for a wonderful article!! It was worth wading through the trash to find the treasure. So many on HTML are boring, but this one answerers most of the questions you're thinking when you begin with one of the authoring tools."
-Jean Painter

"I love what you've done. I learn best by example, (I think the bright people do!), and your page is like a great text book for me!"
-John P. Hamilton

"Your tips on html are great. I certainly need all the help i can use. I am a tech coordinator at a local school here.. chosen because i was the only one in the school who knew how to turn on the power switch and get the computers to actually boot. I now know a lot, but am still learning everyday."
-Susan Brooks

"Thanks for a great page. HTML is easy, but so much of it isn't documented. I've been looking for the background sound for about an hour tonight, and finally found it on your page."
-Bob Areddy, R.A. Design

"As a novice page developer, I want to express my gratitude to you for posting such informative pages on HTML writing."
-Dan Corleto

"This page of yours is truly a well written, informative, get what you want document."
-Mal Oldis, Australia

"Thanks, these are the most usefull tips for a beginner like me, it's very nice to meet such a helpful person. I'm sure going to give a bookmark to this one...maybe two!"
-Elisabeth Nicol

"Your page has been a godsend to a novice HTMLer. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I'll return often."
-Phil Statham

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-Frank Perkins

"I just thought I'd drop you a line to say thanks. Your HTML guide is the best I've seen. I my self know how much work it is to maintain a site. yours is exceptional, you and who ever else is involved deserve many thanks."
-Eddy Smalley, NCR Corp.

"Just had to let you know that this is a FANTASTIC site! I've bookmarked it for any updates, etc. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"
-Ellen Piekny

"Your pages are written for people to understand, which is really nice for someone who only got a computer 4 weeks ago and started learning HTML 2 weeks ago."
-Staci Munday

"Wow! I am an up and coming web designer and small Internet-business owner and had the GREAT FORTUNE of running across your web site tonight! I love it! I found things there that I wish I had learned months ago!"
-Doug Robinson

"thanks for putting so much energy in these pages. I appreciate it and expect to get much out of your work."
-John Mahoney, Editor, Log Cabin Chronicles

"Thank you very much for sharing this knowledge. I was totally stoked!!!"
-Michael Guilfoyle - Canberra, Australia

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