"How do they do that with HTML?"

Here's what I have to offer at the moment:

I write articles for this site as I find the time, so keep checking back. Eventually, this page will be completely replaced with a spiffy new design, too.


I started this site in 1995 while I was learning how to make web sites. I figured the best way to learn about it was to write a tutorial for others. The site has been very successful over the years, so in late 2000, I rewrote the entire site from scratch, updating all of the information and beginning to add all sorts of new tips and tricks.

Like print media, web pages have one core purpose: to convey information. If you don't have anything to say to the world, why bother learning HTML at all? Though content is truly the most important part of any page, pages are initially judged by aesthetics alone (the first impression). The content is up to you, but perhaps I can help with the aesthetics.

Here's the old version of this guide, originally written in 1995, and now hopelessly outdated: HTML tips & tricks and graphics. It has sentimental value.

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